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AnyCrypto aims to make crypto payments as simple as possible. We are committed to true decentralization and privacy in the spirit of Bitcoin. Our easy to use interface requires no sign-up.

For those of you unfamiliar with blockchain and crypto, here is a quick crash course.

Most cryptocurrencies use an address system that operates using a public and private address, sometimes referred to as 'keys', but they are the exact same thing.

The public address is much like a mobile phone number where you can receive mobile money, and is often displayed as a QR code. The QR code is essentially a visual interpretation of the public address, to make life easier, so you don't have to input an address like 0x9fad2a49373b3d760236... (but you can!).

The public address has a conjoined sibling; the private address, which is basically a password to the funds at that public address. The private address or 'key' should be kept hidden at all times, as whoever possesses the private key will have access to the funds, situated at that public address.

Another interesting thing to note is that, the public address can be derived from the private key, but not the other way round, and this 'asymmetric' encryption trick forms the basis of most coins.

You can safely give your public key to the public (pun master, level 9000+) to receive crypto, but they would be unable to decipher your private key from it. So now we have introduced the public and private keys, let's talk about our payment system.

Our method is simple; we generate a unique public/private address or key pair for each one of your customers, who wish to purchase one of your products.

If a payment is successful, we simply pass you these keys, along with details of the transaction. And that's it, once you receive your private key with the funds on it, you can leave them there, or 'sweep' the funds using any wallet app.

'Sweeping' allows you to lift the funds from a private key into your wallet of choice, the funds are essentially being sent from our private address to your new public address.

So in summary, you don't need to do anything! (Besides maybe choosing a nice offline wallet...)

Just start listing products and we will handle the rest!

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