The most secure NFT system in the industry, meet HashFusion®

Considering converting your artwork into an NFT to copyright it, and increase it's value?

It's worth taking a few moments to understand how an NFT works, how it protects you, and why AnyCrypto offers the most revolutionary NFT system currently available.

NFT means 'non-fungible token', and is a unique digital asset on the blockchain.

If you are owed 1 Bitcoin, you don't actually care which particular 1 Bitcoin you receive, right? However, a non-fungible token is unique; it only has one owner at any one time, and ownership needs to be transferred. The standard that regulates NFTs is called ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain. An NFT essentially contains metadata, which in turn contains vital 'hash' codes.

The Artwork you create, whether it is a piece of art or music, generates a unique hash when the file is ran through the algorithm, that looks like QmQFhfrJHpXwkY7k6sn... It doesn't matter how many times you run the same file through the algorithm, the hash output will always be the same. And this incredibly simple yet effective technique is what forms the basis of NFT protection.

Once this hash code is uploaded to the blockchain, the decentralized, immutable database, it is timestamped. Sure, a bad actor could come along claiming they own your Artwork, waving the exact same hash code, but they would have to provide proof that they uploaded the hash code at an even earlier date.

Creating a non-fungible token (NFT) from your Artwork, and adding it to the blockchain is costly, current estimates are 40-100 USD per mint. So most NFT websites, well, simply lie, and don't actually create a NF token from your Artwork unless a sale is made. This is incredibly risky for everyone involved, as a potential thief could steal your thumbnail, up-res it, and upload it to the blockchain to convert to NFT for themselves, taking full control of your Artwork.

"OK, so not minting a NFT is super-risky, and actually minting a NFT can cost up to $100 a pop, so how do you guys solve the problem?"

Ethereum has a very strict standard for NFTs, named ERC-721, and many lines of code must be included to meet it, which means high 'gas' fees. Gas is essentially a fee to execute code on the Ethereum blockchain. The more lines of code there are, the higher the gas fees and therefore fiat costs.

So we created our own custom pre-mint standard, called HashFusion®.

ERC-721 mainly deals with functionality after the sale, things such as checking owners and transferring ownership, however none of these tools are actually needed prior to sale, only copyright protection.

HashFusion® solves the problem using much fewer lines of code, offering the exact same protection facility a NFT does, providing the same hash codes for the Artwork and metadata, when the 'get_Fuse_ID' function is called from the smart contract. Once a sale is made, our system automatically converts the HashFusion® smart contract into an ERC-721 compliant standard that possesses the recognized NF token. So get minting today!

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